Let Them Eat Cake.

When I sat down to make my Project 26 “bucket list” a few months ago, I tried to include a decent mix of things that would be easy to accomplish and some that would take a little more planning.  The first thing to get crossed off was something that could have fallen into either category.

Make an elaborate dessert.

I actually don’t know what I had in mind when I decided that this was something I wanted to tackle this year–probably something made completely from scratch, with a lot of ingredients and a recipe that included a stressful amount of steps (more than 3).

What I did instead was make a TARDIS cake.

The weekend before Thanksgiving marked the 50th anniversary of the British sci-fi series Doctor Who.  My friends and I are fans, so we did what I imagine most fans with access to cable did–we had a party to watch The Day of the Doctor on BBC America.  To help celebrate, I made a TARDIS cake.

I used the world’s simplest cake recipe in the universe (1 box spice cake mix plus 1 can pumpkin-= best pumpkin spice cake ever), so technically this beast was not all that elaborate.  I’m still claiming it.  Image

I really recommend making this cake at 7 a.m. while frantically marathoning the second half of Season 7 of Doctor Who and putting the finishing touches on your Harriet Jones Prime Minister costume.  It would probably also help if you looked at a picture of the real TARDIS and made sure you had enough chocolate chips to make the doors…which I did not do.  My bad.

Also, let’s not discuss how much blue food coloring it takes to create TARDIS blue.  (SO MUCH.  Eek.)

I decorated using a butter knife and some cheap toothpicks.  Fancy cake decorating tools and icing that didn’t come from a can probably would have led to a more polished finished product, but I was still excited about how this turned out.  Image

Unlike the real TARDIS, this cake did not transport us through all of space and time.  It also didn’t make a cool whooshing sound as it baked.  However, it was festive and blue and shared with good friends and maybe that’s all that matters in the end.

How about you, dear readers?  Have you ever made an elaborate dessert?  Did you like The Day of the Doctor?  Are you ready for Matt Smith’s final episode?  (I am not.)