The Month in Books: February


Well, it’s March 12 and I’m finally posting this. Oops? February was a good month, full of theater (Bring It On: The Musical), concerts (I went to a Vanilla Ice concert, because why not?), and a fantastic library book sale. Here’s what I read last month.

My Best Friend’s Exorcism (Grady Hendrix)
This was so much fun, and Hendrix is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. It was genuinely creepy AND the ending made me cry. I don’t read a lot of horror, becasuse i feel like a lot of horror authors take themselves (or their stories?) too seriously, but this is the opposite of that. So good.

Nickel and Dimed (Barbara Ehrenreich)
This should be required reading. I would love to read an updated version. I’d like to think our systems have gotten a little better in the 17 years since Ehrenreich did her experiment, but maybe not. I’d also like to see a version where this experiment was done in rural or suburban areas.

On Beauty (Zadie Smith)
What can I say about Zadie Smith that hasn’t already been said? I didn’t like this as much as White Teeth, but it was still superb.

The Next Always (Nora Roberts)
Well, it happened. I cried at a Nora Roberts book. I’m not ashamed.She’s just SO GOOD at what she does–good enough that I can look past the fact that she really needs a copy editor and a thesaurus. It doesn’t matter. This book had romance, a casual ghost, and PUPPIES. This is a recipe for success.

Dietland (Sarai Walker)
Don’t let the cover and title fool you–this one is dark and I loved it. It made me wish I was part of a book club, because this book needs to be discussed.

Talking As Fast As I Can (Lauren Graham)
I put off reading this for a long time, because I knew I would love it and I wanted to save it. (Also, the waiting list at the library was a mile long.) This did not disappoint. Celebrity memoirs forever!

What are you reading lately?